2008.12.14 : Spm 0.8.0 released

I have just released Spm 0.8.0. This is the first stable release since august 2007. This version is a major rewrite of most of Spm internals. This make developement much more easier.

Some developements topics (mainly repositery) are not parts of this release. The amount of work needed to complete this part would have delayed Spm 0.8.0 for some months. This will be the main feature of the next branch.

Major changes Since the 0.7.5 release:

  • New plugin CMakeInstaller
  • New plugin SVN downloader
  • New plugin PerlModule installer.
  • New plugin PythonDistUtils installer.
  • Add CMake build system
  • Better error message for autotools plugin
  • Allow to search package from Freshmeat
  • Memory usage improvement
  • Handle HTTP redirection
  • Read Spm 0.7 packages and files list.
  • Automatic use of multi-CPU.
  • Simplified debug message usage(There is no need to rebuild Spm to have them)

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