2007.07.30 : New website

I have decided to replace the old wiki by this new website. I have still some work to do on it, but It should work. I will try to update and complete it more often than the previous wiki.

I have released a 0.7.4 last week, quickly followed by a 0.7.4a. But it seems that there was some problems with translation during installation. So a 0.7.5 should be released this week. It will also fix some little bug found since the last release.

As you may have notice a new module called gSpm have land in the CVS. This is a GUI for Spm. I have wrote it some time ago now, but I never take time to release it. I hope to do so quickly now. Maybe before the end of the week.

I have some plans for the futur of Spm. I have started to work on it. But I'm not sure when the first unstable version will be out. I would like to release it at least by the end of September. If you have other ideas, you can contact me (gchevallereau (at) free (.) fr).

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